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How to pay

Payment for goods in the online store OpticsNext is carried out:

1. Cash, the currency of the Russian Federation, goods purchased in the online store Opikanekt, is carried out at the points of issue of goods - the company's optics salons or when the goods are delivered to the home by the courier.

For cash payment, when forming an order, you need to make a mark in the corresponding order form checkbox. After the completion of the order, within half an hour you will be contacted by the administrator to specify the place and time of receipt of the order.

When ordering delivery to the house, please prepare the money for payment without refund. In addition, we ask you to bear in mind that the courier is not authorized to resolve issues of price, ordering, etc., so these issues must be agreed with the administration of the company in advance. Telephone for communication (812) 644 69 75.

2. Payment by bank card is currently carried out through the terminal at points of issue - salons of OpticaNext.

3. On bank cards, with the help of electronic money (Yandex-money, WebMoney, etc.) online, through the company's website, after selecting the goods.